Backyard Deck Designs

A special space like this deserves a deck that stands out! This beautiful basket weave pattern isn’t for experts only. It breaks down into one simple pattern that simply gets repeated. think of it as four smaller decks within one large frame each one built the same way, but with the decking laid in alternating directions. To support this design, the framing’s a little different than a traditional deck. This long center beam divides the frame into two halves, and these two single joists divide each of those halves in half creating four ‘separate’ spaces. Each one in essence it’s own small deck. Within each of these four spaces joists are placed just like you would in a standard design with the decking perpendicular to the framing. This deck is trimmed out with a fascia board surround because the deck’s dimensions are larger than a standard 12′ board. The fascia uses a unique joint called a scarf joint with opposing 45-degree angles that ‘fit’ together to create a flat joint. After the fascia’s in place, put on the perimeter trim boards, and you’re ready to lay the decking. The decking itself follows the framing pattern, a long center deck board lays over the center beam and two shorter boards lay over the joists defining the four quadrants. Working one quadrant at a time, cut the decking to length, space the boards equally, and secure them in place. The orientation of the decking changes as you move to the next quadrant, which creates that distinctive basket weave pattern. Subscribe to Lowe’s YouTube for great how to videos and home improvement tips: Or head to our channel:

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