Home Interior Design Dining Table Sets Ideas Pictures

Home Interior Design Dining Table Sets Ideas Pictures Modern Decoration : Dining Table Sets Ideas Pictures.https://youtu.be/MtsJQnxDIVk Each and every house has a sacred place, which may be a richly coated prayer room or a forehead or a saffron symbol connected with Om daubed at the door. Indian interiors are designed to guide the flow of energy through our chakras in a very positive style. Lavishly adorned with hand painted ceilings and teak posts, mogul arches and flamboyant interiors, each house features richness in character along with an exotic ambiance that leaves you spellbound. Jodhpur or the blue city is well know for the blue coloring about doors or walls that is done to reflect the harsh wasteland light and kept rooms cool. Cusped arches along with green painted cabinet doors are traditional to Jodhpur. Verandas with arches along with Indian style sitting are routine characters of Haveli’s regarding Jodhpur. Everyday rustic homemade vessels made of iron along with brass, an oil light fixture and a hand woven rope woven daybed add the eclectic touch to the rooms.

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