7 Ways to Add Value to Your Home

7 Ways to Add Value to Your Home – Whether you’re looking to sell the home that you occupy now, or plan to stay in it for years to come, there are certain improvement projects that you can undertake to add value to your home. With the housing market still a bit on the soft side, a few well-chosen changes can make your house stand out from the pack and attract buyers. Or, if you don’t plan to sell, you can enjoy the upgrades yourself, and congratulate yourself on a smart decision. If you enjoyed this video feel free to donate: BITCOIN: 18TLk8YB9ALVnxTDGENUGZQVSNaJdrteux LITECOIN: LdiTSjR9B3jxVmx8xTPi3XFV3noVK1rFfv DOGECOIN:DDF8maT1KNv3QzkhFbN1tgqd28ukqTVppd For more subscribe to : http://myfirstho.me/youtube http://www.fb.co/myfirsthomecommunity http://www.twitter.com/myfirsthome http://myfirstho.me/pinterest http://myfirstho.me/facebook http://myfirstho.me/twitter http://myfirstho.me/linkedin http://myfirstho.me/google+ http://myfirstho.me/myspace

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