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Home design and diy home improvement projects are two topics that a lot of people need help with. I can shed some light here. I have been a carpenter and contractor for over 30 years and have a vast knowledge when it comes to bedroom designs, interior design ideas, and handyman renovation projects that almost anyone can do themselves with a little bit of instruction. I have seen it all over the years. The mistakes that people make when trying to complete projects on their own without getting advice first is absolutely mind blowing. Just taking the time to talk with a professional or doing a little research could have saved a lot of money for these people. Even a small job not done correctly can turn into an absolute nightmare and a very expensive repair quite easily. Not knowing the difference between cosmetic walls and functional load-bearing walls can spell disaster for a lot of people. The vast majority of DIYers today are interested in bathroom design, small kitchen design and basement ideas. All of these areas are delicate and must be handled correctly. On this Youtube channel, you will find various videos about all of these things as well as others that you may not have thought about but would be interested in learning more about. I am constantly updating and adding videos so subscribe to my channel to stay up to date. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKDGHRHq7716uBrL8dJX11g Along with interior designing ideas, I also delve into exterior renovation projects that can vastly increase the value of your home. handyman home improvement home design bedroom designs interior design ideas renovation bathroom design small kitchen design modern kitchen diy home decor home decoration home interior basement ideas white kitchens remodeling modern kitchens home design ideas interior designing small kitchen modern interior design beautiful kitchens house decoration remodel country kitchens renovations handyman bathroom design renovation small kitchen design bathroom design ideas basement ideas house interior design remodeling home design ideas remodel renovations house ideas design homes home makeover home improvement ideas renovating home construction home maintenance home projects diy bathroom remodel home building modern home designs basement design building homes diy home improvement diy kitchen remodel how to renovate a house home improvment kitchen design photos home improvement blogs building home home improvement tips building renovation home improvement blog best home improvements homes & gardens home improvement projects renovate home old house renovation renovation house homes design property renovation home design home decor home improvement https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pa4nL1epnHo

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