SMDC D.I.Y. Home Improvement Video Series : D.I.Y. Umbrella Stand Using Empty Snack Containers

D.I.Y. Umbrella Stand Using Empty Snack Containers: Its the rainy season again! And wet umbrellas are the biggest enemy when you want your home tidy and clean. If this is also your problem, then you definitely need this D.I.Y. umbrella stand made from empty snack containers. What you need: 18 Empty snack containers 2 Rolls of duct tape 1 Can opener 1 Glue gun and and some glue sticks Optional: Ribbons for decorations Steps: 1. Empty the snack containers, and open the bottom part using a can opener. 2. Connect two containers using a duct tape. 3. For the design, continue wrapping the containers with duct tapes in alternating colors. 4. Stack 3 X 3 containers using a glue gun. 5. Add ribbon for your design accent. You now have your own umbrella stand thats perfect for your entryway! Stay dry! #SMDC #SM #SMDevelopment #SMDevelopmentCorp #Condo #Condominium #RealEstate #Property #CityLiving #CondoLiving #CondoLife #Philippines #View #PropertyInvestment #SMDCPremier #DIY #HomeImprovement #Umbrella #UmbrellaStand

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