Consider These Upgrades for a Quick Sale

While it may seem counterproductive to spend money on a home you wish to sell, its actually a great move if you want to sell your home quickly. Let us explore the simple upgrades and renovations that can increase the property value of your home and earn you more money when you sell. Furthermore, ensure your home is protected with a comprehensive Augusta Home Insurance policy. Laundry room. Creating a separate space for the laundry reduces clutter in the living spaces and makes the process a whole lot more efficient. If you have a basement, consider adding a separate laundry room. As this topped the list for desired home features for buyers of all ages, this is worth the investment! Exterior lighting. This simple feature really adds the wow factor for home buyers. According to Kiplinger, illuminating a well-manicured lawn with exterior lighting can help grab potential buyers attention before they even set foot in the front door. In fact, exterior lighting is the most-wanted outdoor feature, says the NAHB. It looks stunning and its also a built-in safety feature for the home, as well. Hardwood floors. Its cleaner, more modern, and easier to maintain. Replace carpet with hardwood floors throughout the home, but focus on the main living spaces if you are confined to a strict budget. Garage storage. This might seem like a no brainer, but having built-in shelving and storage space to hide the clutter will come in handy for almost any home buyer. Its easily accessible and convenient, so add in shelves, cabinets, and storage throughout. At Tri-State Insurance Agency, we are committed to protecting homeowners against the broad spectrum of perils they face. Our homeowners insurance is custom written to meet your specific needs and offers higher coverage limits and inclusions that traditional policies. For more information, contact us today at (888) 990-0526.

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