6 Upgrades To Increase Value In Your House

Visit www.TrivSold.com for more information or if you want to find out how much your home is worth in todays real estate market. 1 – Kitchen. If you are selling your home You might not want to spend tons of money for full a kitchen makeover… and then have no extra cash to make many other upgrades. Instead… think about upgrading old appliances to stainless steel. Or Painting Cabinets, Resurfacing Cabinets or upgrading the countertops can be very affordable and give a big splash. One word of caution… Make sure you dont overspend for your neighborhood. Know your market or ask a real estate professional. 2 – Master bath. Again, you might not want to spend the money on a full remodel, but you can definitely create a wow effect with a small amount of money. Consider upgrading the shower to a frameless glass shower enclosure… adding new fixtures… and maybe a new vanity and countertops. 3 – Paint. Repaint the interior of your home and keep it neutral with Grey or earth tones. Grey walls with white trim is really in style right now. Then… you can pick up some pillows and accessories to add punches of color. 4 – New carpet. No homebuyer wants to walk barefoot across your tired, old, stained, dirty, worn-out carpet. When you replace the existing carpet, go with a neutral shade. You dont need to go ultra expensive or ultra cheap. You can lean towards the inexpensive side but maybe upgrade the padding a bit. 5 – Curb appeal. This is a low-cost no-brainer. Trim up the hedges, give the grass some TLC, plant some flowers, and give the front door a fresh coat of paint in an accent color. Create a strong first impression by adding shiny new house numbers and maybe even a new mailbox. Finally, add in some outdoor lighting to really make the house pop. 6 – Push the inside out. If theres an existing room that looks out to the backyard… push it out! Build a small deck or you can even replace existing windows with french doors. My favorite easy upgrade is to hang some string lighting and add some patio furniture Youve just increased the size of that room and made it seem more usable and added value to the house for very little money.

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