Tomfeel Abstractionism Cattle Resin Sculpture Home Decor Modern Art Figurine

Description: This is a 3D modeling originally designed sculpture by the Tomfeel artist. The inspiration comes from the connection and combination of traditional cattle sculpture and contradictory space, creating an interesting and meaningful new sculptural form. In addition, Delicate molding technique endowed the sculpture with advanced technology meanings. Features: Deformation and abstract design. Originally designed by the Tomfeel artist. Environmental baking paint and great design. Exaggerated figures, distinguished characteristics. Suitable for all kinds of interior decoration, or a perfect gift for friends and family. Specifications: Material: Resin & Paint Color: Bronze Product size: 31 * 10 * 22cm / 12.2 * 3.9 * 8.6in (L * W * H) Package size: 35 * 15 * 26cm / 13.8 * 5.9 * 10.2in (L * W * H) Product weight: 921g / 32.5oz Package weight: 1250g / 44.1oz See more from here:

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