How to Build a Storage Shed In 10 Easy Steps – DIY project GET ACCESS TO 12,000 SHED PLANS. Do you know you could save time and money by building a shed of your own? It can be a fairly simple first DIY project, and by building your own you can customise it to suit your requirements. How I managed to build a stunning storage shed and how you too can build your own shed quickly. Choose a suitable shed plan that gives comprehensive information on the types of materials required, exact measurements and also how the structure should be put together. Select your plan before beginning the build, as this will give you an idea of the area you require for the base. Here I show the 10 easy steps I used to build my own shed. Do it yourself sheds are not hard and will save you heaps over commercially built ones. How to Build a Storage Shed In Ten Easy Steps Step 1: To build my own shed I first had to work out where I was going to put it, and so do you. Designate and measure up the area you plan to build your own shed. Of course, it can only be as big as the area you have available! Decide now if you want a wood plank floor or a concrete slab type. Step 2: Draw a rough sketch of the shed once you know exactly what size you are going for. Take your sketch to your local home improvement store and they will: Draft up your storage shed plans for you to your specifications. Provide a list of materials that youll need. Offer some guidance on how to perform each step. Step 3: Buy all the materials you will need so you dont get caught short in the process while you build your own shed. The last thing you want once you start construction is a hold-up while you have to run down the shops to stock up on more supplies! Step 4: Time to get started. The ground must first be leveled and prepared for your foundation, be it wood plank or concrete slab. Step 5: The next step with do it yourself sheds is to build the side walls. Have all the materials youll need for this part in one place. A handy build-your-own-shed tip is to first construct the walls on the ground, and then lift them into position. Refer to your guide for detailed instructions. Step 6: Time to build the roof. Start by building your first roof truss, then use it as a template to build the others. Again, construction details should be available in your guide. Step 7: Your do it yourself sheds taking shape at last! The next step is to build the end walls.. How you do this exactly will depend on what you designed for in the beginning. Make sure you keep to your original plans for how to build storage shed. Step 8: Putting on the trim is what will give your shed that lovely finished appearance, so take your time and do a good job of this step. Step 9: If you are using shingles, then you must first mount them on your roof. If you are in Australia youll probably be using corrugated iron sheeting. Same deal cladding the roof is your next step. Step 10: If you used shingles for your roofing your last step is to protect them by applying a wood treatment. Use a varnish, stain or paint to protect the shingles from the elements and prevent rotting.

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