DIY Furniture Makeovers Ideas – Home Decor Inspiration

Here you can find best Before and After furniture makeovers pics to make you inspired for DIY furniture makeover projects. Ordinary coffee tables, dressers, cabinets and chairs can be transformed into a modern room decor. Also you can give a new life to the old furniture from thrift store and garage sales using refurbished furniture and cool painted furniture ideas that showed in this video. 1. Ikea Rast Hack dressers makeover ideas: decoupage Ikea hack dresser with map, lace stamping furniture makeover, Volkswagen Bus painted dresser for kids playroom, suitcase dresser hack makeover, box camera decor dresser, old phone decorated Ikea dresser. 2. Cool painted coffee tables makeover ideas: chalk painted coffee table top, coffee table top makeover with a fabric to transform coffee table into a puff, 3D letters table top makeover. 3. Refinishing thrift store and garage sales old furniture with a paint sprayer. 4. Transform an ordinary cabinet into a min-Tardis. Stay tuned to watch all my inspo videos with DIY home decor ideas, room decor on a budget, home decorating ideas, seasonal room decor ideas, and recycled home decor, and more. Please watch other home makeovers inspo: – cheap and easy fridge makeover ideas

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