Part 2 – 101 House Renovation Ideas Before and After | DIY Smart Small-Space Renovation in budget

26. Budget could become tight towards End. I believe you are enjoying this program, This is a compilation of many years of experience in practical aspect of Home improvement and renovations. In the middle of project Home Owner keeps adding new work items. Scope of work increases. This increases total cost. Initial budget Estimate & new actual total had different scope of work. If you are not prepared to pay more money, things turn sour. Hence, every-time you change scope of work, ask yourself, do you have enough money to pay for rest of the items. 27. Wall Tiles for Kitchen. It is good idea to have wall tiles in Kitchen, specially near Kitchen Platform. It adds to the overall beauty of the house. Indian food usually consists of oils & masalas. Having tiles on the wall makes it easy to clean the wall dirt. Obviously painted wall will get stained with dirt. Please take note. 28. Work Hour Restrictions. Every good Housing society has rules & regulations. They will have some work hour restrictions. Nobody should work between 1 pm and 4 pm. There is no work on Sundays & Bank holidays. In evening work should stop by 7 pm. Such work hour restrictions will increase time required to renovate home and cost will also go up.. Contractor who has to pay daily wages to labor. A regular 10 day work with work hour restrictions will take 15 days. Contractor has to pay wages for 15 days to team members. Hence total cost will go up. 29. Buying Big tile – 1 meter x 1 meter. Before you buy big tiles like 1 meter by 1 meter at the store, ask shopkeeper to place few tiles on the floor. Check if corners are ok. Check if the edges are meeting correctly. Do this right inside store before paying for it. Yes! Do not wait until you have. These are really costly tiles, if one tile is bad, you might end up buying complete box of 3 or 4 tiles. 30. Hiring Carpenter on Percentage basis. Be careful you do not hire the dishonest Carpenter. As suck could lead to bureaucratic and cheats. They can cause you a great loss of money at the end of the day. Dishonest carpenters would compromise in price and quality of material to make ill gains. Employer needs to keep an eagle eye on them to prevent great loss. A Dishonest carpenter would waste some Ply by cutting full into waste just to get a small piece of ply out of it. He will do everything to increase your total raw material cost. 31. Hiring Carpenter with Material. If possible, please make sure you Hire a Carpenter with material. He will give you quote for certain quality of material. He will not usually cheat, unless he want to compromise on material quality. If you are not a carpenter, it is difficult to differentiate between Marine Ply and Commercial Plywood. It is not easy to identify branded Ply or local low quality material with fake brand name printed ?You won’t know which measurement of Ply was used to make your Wardrobe , whether Carpenter used 19 mm ply or 12 mm ply. 32. Good Professional & Good treatment. Still on the matter of delayed payments. Many home owners delay payments. For instance, If you pay a Contractor $ 1000 out of the $ 500 he demanded for. When you do things like that, Contractor would make sure that he patch all prices to inflate prices on his quotations. And when he figure out an House Owner will default in payment, he would try to punish the house Owner by compromising on material used or slow down work speed. They are mostly despicable. You have to find good Carpenter with reputation of trust that you can confide in to payment him on time. Do all negotiations before work starts, but once work begins dont try to out-smart Contractor on payments. 33. Plywood Thickness. There is discrepancies going on Plywood thickness. Initial agreement is for the Carpenter to use 19 mm Ply for your furniture. Dishonest carpenter would use 12 mm plywood to to make dishonest gain behind your back.. Once furniture is laminated to Decorative outer surface and with white lamination on inner side to conceal your furniture, then it becomes difficult or impossible to know the thickness of Plywood that was used.. A very unethical carpenter will also promise you certain type of Ply & use low quality ply.. 34. Home Automation is waste of Money. Please dont get me wrong. In long run all that geeky iPad/iPhone controlled lights and music and entertainment systems, do not get used. Every year, Manufacturers of Electronic products makes Latest Improved gadgets. Most time House owners who spent huge money to buy all home automation system eventually the don’t use them. In fact if anything get faulty, you will spend extra in repairs. 35. Ground Fault Circuit Breakers. Inform your Electrician about Ground Fault Circuit Breakers. In case of any faulty ground, ground fault breakers control it. These are used where there are high chances of fatal electrical shock.. If current is flowing due to fault, these breakers stop it immediately.

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