Salt Lake City Real Estate: Add Pre-Sale Value to Your Home in 5 Easy Steps

Today I wanted to show you five ways you can improve your home, its condition, and its value before you put it up for sale on the market. By spending just $500 on these types of fixes and upgrades, I’ve seen sellers add an extra $5,000 to their bottom line when the offers started coming in. Simple things like hiring a maid service for a one-time cleaning or painting your front door can really leave a great impression on buyers and make them fall in love with your home. I’ve also included some photos to really illustrate these five points. To learn about all five ways and see how they can improve your home before you sell, watch this short video. Looking to sell a Salt Lake City home? Get a FREE home value report here: Looking to buy a Salt Lake City home? Search all homes here: Belladonna Riso Belladanna Homes Century 21 Everest Realty Group 6925 Union Park Ave. Suite 100 Cottonwood Heights, UT 84047 801-809-5081

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