33 Home improvement ideas for small space

More detailed info related to our 33 home makeover ideas video INFO: press CC to turn on or turn off subtitles ——— visit simphome.com/guestpost/ if you to submit your content [video or blog links]. Every submission will be selected and categorized before featured in our list video ————- 1.Create storage out of load-bearing elements and let those pesky walls go. http://www.simphome.com/go/hii1/ 2.Do a whole room in white. http://www.simphome.com/go/hii2/ 3.Build a bookshelf door. http://www.simphome.com/go/hii3/ 4.Sabrina Soto on Small Space Living Solutions https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=saUhPNJjxEA License: Remix Allowed 5.Discover unexpected storage. http://www.simphome.com/go/hii5/ 6.Keep lines and materials simple. http://www.simphome.com/go/hii6/ 7. On the flipside, you can embrace the quaint. http://thecobhouse.tumblr.com/ 8. How to to produce a high-yield garden in small space in 12 months https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6R_Z68HVDJQ License: Remix Allowed 9. Month 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NrTxbfAJzWk License: Remix Allowed 10. Repurpose the closet. http://lundagard.blogspot.com.br/ 11.Use open storage to draw the eye upward. http://www.simphome.com/go/hii11/ 12.Create the illusion of vertical space by selecting low-sitting furniture. https://www.yahoo.com/news/tagged/realestate/ 13. remove the clutter http://www.simphome.com/go/hii13/ 14.Less Is More, make a focail point http://www.simphome.com/go/hii14/ 15.Utilize retractable pantry drawers for small appliances. http://www.tinyhousedesign.com/brevard-tiny-house-company/ 16.Dark or Light, But In Between http://www.simphome.com/go/hii16/ 17.Show Some furniture Legs http://www.simphome.com/go/hii17/ 18.Double Duty furniture http://www.simphome.com/go/hii18/ and video from Yatno https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MzcFooxfDjs 19.Decorate with light. http://www.tinyhousedesign.com/diogene/ 20. Curtains can also step in where privacy is needed. http://senyoretacanyella.blogspot.com/2013_01_01_archive.html 21.Use room dividers in place of walls. http://www.simphome.com/go/hii21/ 22.Put a shelf on it. http://www.desiretoinspire.net/blog/2013/9/10/alec-hemer-again.html 23.Pick your favorite room in the house and go big. http://www.simphome.com/go/hii23/ 24.Get creative with mirrors. http://www.decorpad.com/photo.htm?photoId=108256 extra link http://www.simphome.com/go/hii24/ 25.Use glass walls to separate spaces without visually dividing a room. http://instagram.com/p/oRoRu-ss6B/ 26.Replace doors with sliding walls to let your space breathe. http://www.simphome.com/go/hii26/ 27. Add a loft over your kitchen. airbnb.com 28. Actually, add a loft anywhere. http://www.simphome.com/go/hii281/ http://www.simphome.com/go/hii282/ 29. Keep your window-to-wall ratio high. http://www.simphome.com/go/hii29/ 30. Use semi-opaque materials to allow light into windowless rooms. http://www.simphome.com/go/hii30/ 31.Create outdoor living space to add the feeling of square footage without the cost. http://www.sunset.com/home/architecture-design/off-the-grid-and-energy-efficient 32.Shotgun Houses & The Tiny Simple House http://evtasarimii.blogspot.co.id/2012/06/shotgun-houses-tiny-simple-house.html 33.Opt for fewer walls, more multipurpose rooms. blueskymod.com Intro video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7XYcYOHYh6c License: Remix Allowed Music: Julian Avila – The City Free Copyright

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