Cutting Bathroom Tiles with an Angle Grinder (Quick Tips) — by Home Repair Tutor

Cutting bathroom tiles is easy with an angle grinder. This video shares the different blades you can use. Here’s the link to the grinder in this video If you’re looking for a tool that can make all sorts of cuts in bathroom tile the angle grinder is it. In the video you’ll see the XP4 tile cutting blade by DeWALT. It’s one of the best blades for tile. The continuous rim helps make smooth cuts. That said, if you need to cut mortar or concrete the other blade in the video is good as well. This is just a Quick Tips video, so it’s not meant to be a huge tutorial on how to use an angle grinder to cut holes in tile. Maybe we’ll do one of those videos down the road. Check out the XP4 blade in the video Thanks for watching. If you have any questions let me know if the comments. Also, add your own tips, that way we can all learn together. If you haven’t done so, subscribe to my channel for weekly tips See you soon, Jeff

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