Household 150+ Do It Yourself Home Improvement & DIY Household Tips That Save Time & Money Audiobook

Get this full audiobook for free: Written by Ace McCloud Duration 2 hrs and 20 mins The Best and Tips for Cleaning and Organizing Your are wonderful shortcuts and clever tricks to make things much easier in your life. These household are innovative solutions to many of the problems you may face on a regular basis at home. Some will appear completely logical to you, while others will seem utterly counter-intuitive. However, they all are marvelously effective! This audiobook covers all kinds of to make your home a better place to hang out. You won’t need a chemistry lab to make the non-toxic cleaning solutions that are described in detail; ordinary kitchen ingredients will do. The cleaning solutions and household management tips are designed to help you clean and manage your home most efficiently, all the while saving money, avoiding allergic triggers, and minimizing your damage to the environment. Included are chapters that target key areas of the home. In the opening chapter on the kitchen, you will gain key tips for fighting grease, cleaning dishes, and killing germs, for starters. Germs are also the focus in the chapter on the bathroom cleaning along with tips for non-fogging mirrors, toilet cleaners that rock, and how a commonly used item from the laundry room can make your glass shower doors sparkle! You will be treated to key tips from the author of a deeply practical book on sleep for making your bedroom an oasis of calm and restorative rest. Throughout the book are for simplifying your life, maximizing your money, building a safe environment for children, and creating an inviting ambience for both yourself and your guests. Buy It Now. Contact me:

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