DIY SCHOOL CRAFT : Easy Badge for kids at home / INDEPENDENCE / REPUBLIC DAY CRAFT raagicraftdiy5

Please : LIKE / COMMENT / SHARE / SUBSCRIBE About Raagi craft Diy In this channel, we provide tutorials about Diy – ( Decoration Projects ), Home Improvement, Hacks, Beadwork, Jewelry Making, Crafting Embroidery. Hi, Welcome to Raagi Craft Diy DIY – EASY PAPER SCHOOL BADGE /PAPER CRAFT IDEA / TRI COLOUR BADGE FOR INDEPENDENCE DAY /REPUBLIC DAY This Tri Colour Badge is a quick easy and simple DIY project for kids at home and is best for independence day and republic day craft .this paper badge is last min idea on a budget this badge can be used on NATIONAL FESTIVAL. On 15 August India got independence from British rule now India is a democratic country. We salute our Brave Freedom Fighter and Soldiers II JAI HIND II Diy Easy Tri color badge: In this tutorial, we will see how to make simple handmade badge This Diy project is perfect for beginners as this tutorial is really simple easy you can use orange white and green color paper. This Diy paper craft badge i made at home are handmade so you can make them too. Project Overview : Estimated Time: About 10 min Skill Level: Easy Estimated Cost: Inexpensive Material Required : Tri Colour Paper (orange white green) White A4 Sheet Scissor Tri colour ribbons Safety Pin blue sketch pen Fevicol Bottle caps of different size Remember to become my Friend on Instagram Google+ Twitter Facebook Thanks for watching and visiting Raagi Craft Diy “MAKING MARVELOUS OUT OF THE DISCARDED”

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