DIY, Build this easy #HOME, #Knickknack #Decor shelf.

How to build this HOME decor shelf. Easy day project for the hole family. Great decor for the wall Set pictures or your favorite knick- knacks on. Cut all pieces. remember the M pieces are cut at a 45 degree angle on one end. Assemble use wood glue and finish nails. After glue dries for added support drill for screws. countersink if you plan on plugging the holes or screw flush if you want the screw to show. The shelf cut list: Use any type of wood and any width you desire I used 1 x 4 Pine 1 – Backbone 40″ 6 – pieces at 10″ 1 – piece – 9 1/4″ (cross member for the H) 1 – piece – 8 1/2″ (for the O) 1 – piece – 7 5/16″ one end cut at 45 (for the M) 1 – piece – 6 9/16″ one end cut at 45 (for the M) 1 – piece – 6″ for the middle of the E Assembly Mark the measurements as follows, on the 40″ backbone piece measure and mark 5″ then every 10″ and 35″ for the middle of the E (5″, 10″, 20″, 30″ and 35′ ) Put together the H, O and M If you are going to use screws with the letters, I would attach the H,M, then the O after you sand flush the plugs of the M. Then attach the pieces of the E Attach the H. Center the cross member to the 5″ mark on the back bone on the Left side Attach the M to the 20″ mark on the left side Attach the O to the 10″ mark on the right side Attach the one of the 10″ pieces of the E on the 30″ mark on the right side then center the 6″ piece to the 35″ mark. Finally the last 10″ piece to the bottom of the backbone paint or stain Your Done Enjoy!!! Thank You for viewing Subscribe and Like Stay up to date with all woodworking news, new product reviews, projects, home improvements and any announcements Follow me on twitter rick@backintheshack Check out my home page Check out My Channel

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