Some Simple Bathroom Remodeling Ideas to Enhance Its Aesthetic Appeal

Sterling Works – – Some Simple Bathroom Remodeling Ideas to Enhance Its Aesthetic Appeal – If you’re interested in starting your own bathroom remodeling project, you should not forget how even the little details affect overall aesthetic appeal. Here are some great ideas to set you on the right track. Share this video: Transcript: If you’re like many homeowners today you want your home to have an updated look. Remodeling is one ideal low-cost method to give certain rooms a fresh appearance. Even adding subtle design details can make a big difference in bathrooms. For instance, if you want new cabinets go the extra mile and add architectural overlays. Geometrical shapes and patterns can really make it a beautiful centerpiece. Create an accent wall in the shower using a mosaic of colorful and intricate tiles. You won’t need to buy vibrant curtains or add other accessories for a minimalist look. If you’re not a fan of accent walls you can instead use patterned tile flooring. This will give bathrooms a unique charm and adds a new focal point to the setting. You can also change the sink’s fixtures to something more eye-catching if you want. Vintage or contemporary faucets are perfect for most bathrooms. Looking for more remodeling ideas? Get in touch with Sterling Works today. Call us at 844-870-6328 to get started on your own project. All rights reserved. 353 Murray Hill Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30317 Contact Number: 844-870-6328

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